Cosmogony of ARTABO
The Birth

In the beginning was the DOT. Then the Divine Sky came forth.
The Divine Sky is power, a power upsetting balance.
Waves rippled, spread, encompassing all
to fashion the envelope for the Serpanterre.
· I am bored, said the Serpanterre. There's only you and me, and nothing else around us.
What to do in this naked world? Can't you dream up something,
you who are Power?
So the Divine Sky summoned the first rain upon the world.
And everything began to sprout, take on colour and breathe life.
And so the body of the Serpanterre swelled, no longer an empty shell.
And the Divine Sky sent another shower. Thus was born the Master-Bird.
· You, me, and the bird, now that's better! But when I look around, I still see the void...
Please, Divine Sky, dazzle me, do it again, do it again one more time!
Bird-Men and Winged Women came forth from the third shower.
Tribe after tribe, they left the stamp of their differences.
· Continue, Divine Sky, bring forth all your wonders.
And the rains followed, giving birth to the Crocodile then
to the Arrow winging out through time and space.